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   current projects

- writing responses, analyzing inquiries, and developing the personality of Cortana as a Content Writer on Microsoft's Cortana Personality team

- writing dialogue, creating characters, and designing quests as a Game Writer & Content Designer for Immersed Games on their latest game, an educational sci-fi MMORPG called Tyto Online

- vetting fiction and poetry submissions as an Editor for Pif Magazine

- developing a presentation for GDC 2017 with talented folks from DigiPen Institute of Technology and Amazon Game Studios about how to tailor one's resume and application materials to positions in the game industry 

- volunteering as a member of the International Game Developers Association's Serious Games Special Interest Group Steering Committee, whose GDC 2017 roundtable I will help moderate

- developing a motivational speech for the American Association of University Women-Washington awards ceremony for female high school juniors excelling in STEM courses

- writing a chapter about asari sexuality in the Mass Effect universe for a colleague's book on romance and sexuality in games (coming in 2017)


- working on personal writing projects, including: various mission and story designs for video games; a fairy tale about a prince who can tear away pieces of his heart to help others; a compilation of semi-autobiographical short stories; songwriting


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Be sure to view my resume.

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