Original Song: Mountains of Memory


One of my post-GDC goals is to write 5 songs before GDC 2017, so here is song #2. I worked with subject matter supplied by Aviva, Travis, and myself to come up with this song about aspiring to be a better version of yourself.




Here's a rough recording: https://soundcloud.com/silkenmoonlight/mountains-of-memory






You make my heart feel like a cracked piece of amber

Hot to the touch, learning to glow again


The mirror shows something I don't recognize

Good or evil? I can't theorize

Maybe someday I'll learn not to lie

Until then, will you stay with me?


You give me strength to climb mountains of memory

I can't regret what's been, because it's me


I didn't see you, you're not to blame

Forgot all the needs of those without my name

I gave my heart but it's just not the same

Have patience; I will open my eyes to see


You calm my mind's unrest, serene as the sea

Glory to you, my love - alongside you, I'm free


The fire takes hold and consumes all it sees

It burns but the truth is it only burns me

Skin, flesh, and fury are more than you need

Speak softly; in the silence, you'll be


Speak softly; in the silence, you'll be




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