Original Song: Careless


My quest to write 5 songs before GDC 2017 continues. Song #3 is about my propensity to break things, and I tried go for something a little more light-hearted this time around.


If you want to listen to a rough recording, click here.






Unicorns aren’t s’posed to feel regret
But I do
But I do


I prayed we’d survive all of our debts
But I knew
And I withdrew


Sweat and fear don’t 
That I’ll treat your heart 


I wish for you that we had never met
That this was just a sorry joke that nobody would get


I don’t know where you’re going to
(I can’t be that responsible)
I’ll do me and you do you
(It doesn’t have to be so tragical)


I was a careless piece of shit
And if I could, I’d erase all of it
This isn’t high school, though, 
so it prob’ly won’t be long til you get over it


Not sure how I thought that we would work
I’m not a boy
You’re not a girl


Even if I wasn’t such a jerk
I destroy
Love to destroy


You tried to make me 
Honest (ME)
Don’t you know that’s


You’ll be okay - you just haven’t met The One yet
Actually, why is it that you aren’t still upset?


I see you’re fine, well that’s new
(I guess we weren’t all that serious)
I’ll do me and you do you
(But don’t you miss me just a little bit?)


I am a careless piece of shit
Don’t know what I’ve got ‘til I’ve lost hold of it
This isn’t high school, though, 
so I guess I better work on getting over it


Prob’ly maybe should get over it
I’m over it
Well, any day now


2016 Copyright Alexandra Lucas

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