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Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2018

designed by Jaclyn Lake 

Poetry: Mother's Hands (Inspired by Thornwatch)


This is a poem I wrote about Lone Shark Games' latest creation, Thornwatch. I have some thoughts on a tune and will post a rough cut of the song as soon as possible.





I awaken at first light

With tame trepidation
Her hands, a blur, spinning, spinning,
Coax grace into the fight.


Her swords brush,
Her feet flutter –
All steps, intricate, to her dance.
Someday I must have Mother’s hands
If we’re to stand a chance.

Her voice drips of honeyed sun.

She calls me to her rightly.
“Stand steady, little briarlock;
This foe you can’t outrun.”



Nimble as crackling fire
My strength will come from Mother’s hands
To best the blighted choir.


Pink and purple wisps of sky
Join to block the sun
Ebb descends, and I realize
Mother’s hands have been undone.

Now that I’m grown, with Mother’s hands,
I must venture through the thorns
To call upon our guardians,
So I may live to mourn.



Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2016

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