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May 23, 2018

I'm excited to share that I'm designing and writing multiple interactive novels for Live Stories! In addition to crafting unique worlds for this work, I also focus particularly on inclusivity and social commentary. Chapter 1 of Remember Me is now available fo...

October 17, 2017

This 7-minute Twine story is set in Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands (Gearbox's Borderlands IP) from the point of view of the character Vaughn. He longs to prove that he can be a reliable sidekick to Rhys; next stop, the Gush 'n Go Blood Bank. A host of questionab...

March 14, 2017

Meet Regina Cohen, the head librarian at the Espeth Library in Tyto Online, Immersed Games' educational sci-fi MMORPG on which I work as a game writer and content designer. Listen to a spooky tale of unexplained floating lights that Ms. Cohen brought from Earth - it ma...

January 14, 2017

Meet Sun Tai, the free spirited supervisor of the grassland biodome in Tyto Online, Immersed Games' educational sci-fi MMORPG on which I work as a game writer. Jackrabbits are falling ill and it's up to you to figure out why!

Click the links below to get to know Tai in...

January 13, 2017

In the world of Tyto Online, Immersed Games' educational sci-fi MMORPG on which I work as a game writer, there exists the noble and cuddly Ponycorn - truly a plushie of the people. Unfortunately, someone absconded with a shopkeeper's fluffy Ponycorn supply, so it's up...

November 30, 2016

There are many ways to solve mysteries in the world of Tyto Online, Immersed Games' educational sci-fi MMORPG on which I work as a game writer. Sometimes Tyto Academy cadets have to get their hands dirty and - you guessed it - dig through animal droppings to get t...

August 25, 2016

For the past month, I created seven characters, crafted branching dialogue, and researched the e-sports community extensively as part of my game writing contract with Exato Game Studios. Their Kickstarter, which can be found here, is now live and open for support.


April 16, 2016

Pride Interactive, a junior Digipen student team, made Gaslight(); during the 2015-2016 academic year. I had the pleasure of working with this team in order to provide the voice of their antagonist and the main character's ex-girlfriend, Val. In addition to getting the...

October 17, 2015

This is the current story overview for my game team's poetic experience, Magnolia (formerly For Magnolia).


 Concept art from our talented art team


You may view more information about the game, Irradiance Games, and blog posts that I have written for the team here:



April 18, 2015

Please take a look at the official DigiPen Student Showcase trailer for Lightmare, a 3D exploration game in which player fights to escape a warped shadow world.



I had the opportunity to expand my voice acting range by communicating initial confusion, subtle fear, and...

April 17, 2015

Please take a look at the official DigiPen Student Showcase trailer for Miraculous, a 2D exploration game in which the player is a miracle cure that must navigate the inside of a dying human body in order to eradicate illness.


For this game, I developed the narrative:...

April 14, 2015

Please take a look at the official DigiPen Student Showcase trailer for AEON, a 3D action-adventure game in which the player rebuilds the fallen constellation Orion by exploring a desolate mythological plane and discovering what it really means to have true power....

April 12, 2015

Please take a look at the official DigiPen Student Showcase trailer for Relic, a third-person action-adventure space opera on which I worked as part of Team Synaptic Sugar. The player traverses an ancient alien spacecraft in order to recover lost artifacts and prevent...

March 31, 2015



This is our cinematic team's most recent version of the game's opening cinematic! It serves as an introduction to Relic's storyline: relic hunter Sam Ward is on her way to collect the final artifact for a wealthy collector, Kotubir. The cinematic communicates Sam's g...

February 2, 2015

February 2015 Beta Presentation


Roles: Narrative Designer, Writer, Voice Actress

Relic is a 3D action-adventure game in which the player is on a mission to recover prized ancient artifacts, discovering her people's history and herself along the way.


On Team Synaptic Su...

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  • TBA title,

    • narrative designer, game writer​

    • March 2020 - present

  • "Remember Me" and two unannounced interactive novels for LIVE STORIES

    • ​narrative designer, game writer

    • Feb 2018 - July 2018​​

  • Tyto Online for IMMERSED GAMES

    • content designer, creative-design team liaison

    • Sept 2016 - Jan 2019


    • contract writer, character designer, encounter designer

    • July 2016 - Aug 2016

  • Various Mobile & Browser Games for PLARIUM GLOBAL

    • writer, quest designer, localization specialist

    • Jan 2016 - July 2016


  • FPS Prototype for V1 INTERACTIVE

    • voice actor

    • fall 2015



       3D poetic experience                about LGBTQ AI

       - voice actor

       - spring 2016


    3D poetic experience with Emotiv neuro-headset
    - narrative designer, writer, media manager
    - fall 2015-winter 2015


    2D interactive children's book
    - voice actor, script editor
    - fall 2015


    3D action-adventure space opera 
    - writer, narrative designer, voice actor
    - fall 2014-spring 2015


    3D action-adventure nihtmare exploration
    - voice actor
    - spring 2015


    2D poetic experience 
    - writer, narrative designer, voice actor
    - spring 2015


    3D puzzle game with Oculus Rift 
    - writer, narrative designer, voice actor
    - spring 2014-fall 2014


  • AEON
    3D action-adventure poetic experience about collecting stars 
    - vocalist
    - spring 2015

    3D deck-building card game
    - narrative and concept designer
    - fall 2015


    MFA thesis on environment design
    - concept and playtesting consultant
    - fall 2014


    3D MSCS strategy game 
    - lead game designer, voice actor
    - spring 2014


    2D adventure platformer 
    - lead game designer
    - spring 2013-spring 2014


    live-action RPG zombie tag 
    - product designer, assistant designer
    - fall 2013


    2.5D top-down shooter 
    - producer, product designer, programmer
    - fall 2013


    2D side-scrolling platformer
    - producer, game designer 
    - fall 2012

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