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Interactive Narrative: "Unfixable" for Chapters

Fancy whisking yourself away to scenic Dublin to snap gorgeous photos and mend your broken heart? Then Unfixable, an interactive novel adaptation I worked on as a narrative designer, is just what you need. Check it out now in the Chapters app!

Working at Crazy Maple Studio is a whirlwind; I collaborate with art, QA, production, and writing folks and act as the project manager of each book I work on. Sometimes I also write chapters on my own due to assorted circumstances. I also develop premium choices to support monetization.

Here's the summary I wrote for the game -- maybe you'll be the one to let Shane into your heart!

Handsome ex-professional race car driver Shane Claymore is competitive, athletic, and fiery— basically everything you wanted to avoid as you mend your broken heart in Dublin! But staying at Shane's inn will make it hard to commit to your relationship hiatus. Can you put the brakes on your new romance? Or is Shane just your speed?

Source Material: Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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