Podcast: New Host Announcement & Cheat Codes #130: Toot Bait

Weeeell, secret's out! Lucky and excited to share that I've joined the Cheat Codes Podcast as their new host! Last night, we unwrapped the German Twitter competitor Mastodon (toot toot!), slipped in occasional Newsies lyrics, and evaluated Google's "It's Lit!" study of Gen Z'ers (ugh) over another great batch of frosty IPAs. Nikkolas Golesh, Joe Arroyo, and I bid long-time host Joseph Thomas Erskine a temporary farewell; he'll still be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and I really appreciate all of his help with getting me up to speed on what makes for a lively and welcoming hosting experience. Before DigiPen, performing was an integral part of my life, but it has had to take a back se

Podcast: Cheat Codes #129: Eat Fresh

Not only did yesterday mark my fifth time on the show, but we got to announce that I'm joining the team as a full-time core panelist! I'm excited to make more frequent appearances alongside the Cheat Codes fellows and to help out while Joe Erskine is away on paternity leave. I sat down with Cheat Codes core panelists Joe Arroyo and Nikk Golesh to talk about the following: American males are quitting their jobs and living the dream of playing video games all day - they can't all be Twitch stars, but some of them might be? Does killing an opponent in VR constitute murder? (cue the Law and Order bum bum) Hey, esports no longer needs to be capitalized! 'Bout time! And then, of course, comes the

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