Blog: Reflections on Mentorship & Performance Art, Through Tasseography

Ripples evade us Traveling beyond our eye Touching shores unknown *** In this photo is my Turkish coffee from our latest visit to my mother-in-law’s. Her mother was known across Serbia as an expert in reading coffee grounds and tea leaves (tasseography); people would travel for days just to consult with her. As a result, we drink (at least) one cup with my mother-in-law every time we’re in town and see what the grounds have to say. More on that in a moment. During the pandemic, I’ve been focusing a lot on mentorship + thinking about the future of performance art. Providing mentorship to current students at my alma mater, in the IGDA, and who are simply new to game dev has been incredibly ful

Short Story Publication: "With You" in HamLit 2020 Summer Issue

Lately I've been working on a variety of short stories in order to keep improving my writing skills as I work on long-term professional projects. Thrilled to share that one of those stories has found a home! My speculative fiction tale about a punishing deal with the devil, "With You," is now published in HamLit's 2020 Summer Issue: Second Place. This piece started as a terrifying nightmare that forced me awake in the middle of the night. One thought lingered as I wiped sleep from my eyes and tried to convince myself that this was only a dream: what if you lived forever, but had to die every day? Oh, and also you can't scream, but trust me, you'll really want to. As much as I've been diving

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