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Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2020

designed by Jaclyn Lake 

character design

The following is a series of original characters, dialogue, and quest designs for an imaginary mech-based science fiction game.


I. Storytelling Through Dialogue

  1. Character Descriptions

    1. Commander Astra Kovacic

      • The intrepid commander of the Starshi...


I designed this original, speculative Guild Wars 2 narrative outline as part of the ArenaNet Game Narrative Mentorship Program. All primary characters are original except for the Pale Tree's Avatar and the PC, and this episode is the first in a longer five-episode seas...


For the past month, I created seven characters, crafted branching dialogue, and researched the e-sports community extensively as part of my game writing contract with Exato Game Studios. Their Kickstarter, which can be found here, is now live and open for support.



Krem showing his swagger as part of Bull's Chargers, a band of mercenaries 

This work is dialogue for a speculative origin story for the transgender character Cremisius Aclassi, utilizing the details of BioWare’s Dragon Age universe as a foundation. This dialogue a...


This work is a speculative origin story for the character Cremisius Aclassi, utilizing the details of BioWare’s Dragon Age universe as a foundation. This story outline is not professional work or in any way endorsed by EA or BioWare. I created this outline as an exerci...


Character Design, Worldbuilding, & Dialog



My intent was to create a low-scope sci-fi world and a non-conventional redemption character. Athena identifies as a bigender lesbian, but in the world I have created, her identification is known, accepted, a...


I designed the original version of this digital RPG under the working title Within, but the final product written here is a collaboration between fellow DigiPen designer Nathan Kinnick and myself.



Digital RPG Narrative & Systems D...



I wrote an interactive story in Twine in which Bernard returns home to find that everything is not how he left it.

Download and play the interactive story here: Twine - Bernard Pays A Visit

You can also view quick screenshots of the dial...



Mentor (minor); Ally


Character Overview:

            ATHENA LITHEGOOD is a seasoned Ganymedian gunslinger (NPC) who formerly performed in Sappho’s Intergalactic Wild West Exhibition and served as a bodyguard-for-hire for over 10 years. Once the most sou...

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