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Interactive Narrative: "Tempting the Bodyguard" for Chapters

One of my favorite romance novel tropes is a bodyguard worth swooning for, so I was delighted to get to work as a narrative designer on Tempting the Bodyguard, now available in the Chapters app!

As always, working at Crazy Maple enables me to wear a lot of hats. I collaborate with art, QA, production, and writing folks and act as the project manager of each book I work on. Sometimes I also write chapters on my own due to assorted circumstances.

Here's the summary I wrote for the game -- hope it tempts you into playing!

Chandler Gamble is D.C.'s hottest, most sought-after bodyguard— and the perfect person to capture your stalker. But for Chandler to keep you safe, you must stick dangerously close to your stern new protector. You're not sure what you fear more: your stalker's threatening letters, or the threat of falling for the broad-shouldered bodyguard who's tying your heart in knots.

Source Material: Tempting the Bodyguard by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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