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2022 Dark Sire Creative Award Winner for Psychological Realism!

For me, the point of writing is to give fear a home. That way, I make friends of the things that skitter in the bewitching hours. There's no reason to fear your friends, right?

Until there is. More often than we like to admit, the world is not as it seems. Beings that defy explanation tiptoe among us, although not out of step enough for most to notice. But every once in a while, when all of the strange intricacies of the universe align, an ordinary person is confronted with the extraordinary. What would any of us do if we chanced upon the version of ourselves that could have been? And what would we do if that being came to fight?

When I wrote "In the Deep" to submit to HamLit in 2021, I never could've imagined that the story would make its way to the Dark Sire Creative Awards committee, let alone make it to the finalist list...and then ultimately win! Best of all, the corresponding trophy is in the shape of a skull.

My little Goth heart is overflowing with gratitude for this honor -- thank you for embracing the strange, Dark Sire Literary Journal.

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2022


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