Interactive Narrative: Tales from the Borderlands Episode Outline & Scene Sample

The following is an episode outline and a scene sample I created for the Telltale game Tales from the Borderlands, set in Gearbox's Borderlands universe. These items are entirely speculative in nature and I have no professional affiliation with either studio; I love the Borderlands universe and wanted to experiment with writing within it. *** EPISODE OVERVIEW – JUST A PHASE Prologue (FIONA): GRIT HAPPENS Scene 1: EXT. SOMEWHERE IN THE DUST – DAY Fiona awakens in the desert, buried up to her neck. Spiderants lurk nearby. A figure looms over her. Shit. Ellie knocks on Fiona’s head to check her vitals, then asks who she is and how she ended up left for dead. Minor choices: whether to admit her

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