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Short Story Publication: "Covenant" in HamLit: Without Pause

After spending six years of my childhood in Arizona, the western United States has always held a special place in my heart. After driving through Utah, Nevada, and Arizona on a recent road trip, I was inspired to write about all of the strange and wonderful things I saw. Thrilled to share that HamLit selected my short story about a familial curse set in Utah, "Covenant," for publication in HamLit's 2023 Winter Issue: Without Pause!

In "Covenant," a young man travels to a tiny town in Utah to assist with a family matter. Along the way, he encounters all manner of unsettling sights, from a sickly cow to a decaying hotel and much more. Before he can depart, he must face his generational inheritance.

Thanks in advance for reading "Covenant" in HamLit's 2023 Winter Issue: Without Pause!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2023


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