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Short Story Publication: "A Very Old Friend" in Whatcom WRITES: Interconnectedness

Excited to share that my short story, "A Very Old Friend," was included in Interconnectedness, the 2022 Whatcom WRITES short story anthology!

"A Very Old Friend" tapped into my memories of going to haunted house "amusement rides" in Kansas City when I was growing up. They were situated in the spooky meatpacking district downtown, and there was always something strange and interesting afoot for the Halloween season.

In my short story, I explore a young girl's experience in one of these haunted houses and the ways that embracing the unusual can help people grow into themselves.

Whatcom WRITES holds a writing competition every year in Whatcom County, themed around the featured book in Whatcom READS that year. The 2022 anthology is called Interconnectedness, and you can pick up a copy from Village Books now!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2022


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