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Interactive Narrative: "Trial By Fire" for Chapters

Just when you think your neighborhood is safe, someone burns creepy symbols into your lawn...good thing your sexy new neighbor (and sweet single dad) is nearby to lend a hand. To solve the mystery, play Trial By Fire, an interactive novel adaptation I worked on as a narrative designer that's now available in the Chapters app!

As always, I collaborate with art, QA, production, and writing folks and act as the project manager of each book I work on at Crazy Maple Studio. Sometimes I also write chapters on my own due to assorted circumstances. I also develop premium choices to support monetization.

Here's the summary I wrote for the game -- can you brave the fire?

After escaping a cult, becoming a doctor was easy. Closing your heart off to men was even easier. But when your past catches up with you, soulful single dad Max Hallowell steps in to keep you safe from your worst nightmare. Now that you're neighbors, Max just might have what it takes to catch your stalker... and heal your heart.

Source Material: Playing with Fire by Lexi Ryan

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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