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Interactive Narrative: "Tempting Fate" for Chapters

Childhood sweethearts can provide nice memories, but it's more complicated when the past comes crashing into the present. To discover your destiny, play Tempting Fate, an interactive novel adaptation I worked on as a narrative designer that's now available in the Chapters app!

As always, I collaborate with art, QA, production, and writing folks and act as the project manager of each book I work on at Crazy Maple Studio. Sometimes I also write chapters on my own due to assorted circumstances. I also develop premium choices to support monetization.

Here's the summary I wrote for the game -- do you dare disrupt your life for him?

A brooding and protective soul, your childhood sweetheart Heath Deprey has been missing for years... until he reappears at a campus party and disrupts your new life. Will you resist your fated romance for something safe, or will you dive head-first into Heath's unpredictable arms?

Source Material: You Make Me by Erin McCarthy

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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