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Interactive Narrative: Rabbit-Eared Report & Jumping Into Character for Tyto Online (Immersed Ga

Meet Sun Tai, the free spirited supervisor of the grassland biodome in Tyto Online, Immersed Games' educational sci-fi MMORPG on which I work as a game writer. Jackrabbits are falling ill and it's up to you to figure out why!

Click the links below to get to know Tai in this transformative two-parter and become one with the grassland jackrabbits. Test out the jackrabbit holo-suit, figure out why they're sick, and say hi to the Floofertons for me!


Rabbit-Eared Report - Part 1

Rabbit-Eared Report - Part 2


Jumping Into Character - Part 1

Jumping Into Character - Part 2

Jumping Into Character - Part 3

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2017

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