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Dialogue & VO for MIRACULOUS / Team Irradiance

The following is the dialogue for the introduction, epilogue, and player's thoughts in the game Miraculous by Team Irradiance. I collaborated with Justin Jacox, the audio lead, to ensure a cohesive audio vision. Miraculous won 3rd place for Best Poetic Experience at the 2015 DigiPen Student Game Awards.

Although the player's VO has not yet been recorded, please listen to the introduction and the epilogue.


Where is the Beginning?

The player can hear the sounds of metal instruments frantically clicking against each other. The sounds are quick, short, and urgent. The player can also hear a steady beeping sound - the sound of a machine tracking the patient’s heartbeat - in the background. The patient’s heartbeat pulses underneath the beeping.

Miraculous’ Initial Thoughts

I was born out of a dream. A dream of a purified world. The chemists toiled over me for months, wanting to get me just right. They designed me to help, but this… this is something I have never done. I’ve never been someone’s last hope before. They say I am no ordinary cure… I am THE Cure. They say, “I am Miraculous.”

What is Miraculous’ personality?

  • calm

  • only somewhat self-aware

  • helpful

  • curious

  • intelligent

  • inexperienced

  • matter-of-fact

  • practical

  • not especially emotional

  • somewhat childlike


Intro with 2 Doctors & the Board

Doctor 1: Today is a crucial moment in human history. Today we will show you that nothing is certain. That anything is possible. That, sometimes, the end is just the beginning.

Board Member: This cure of yours...what makes you so sure that it will result in reanimation of the patient? The Board needs some kind of assurance to continue funding.

Doctor 2: We’re glad you asked, Mr. Chairman. The patient you see before you recently expired, but my colleague and I have worked for months to develop a cure. A cure for the end. A new beginning. We will show you today that we can bring him back with a substance that we have dubbed, simply, “Miraculous.”

Epilogue with 2 Doctors & the Board

Doctor 1: As you can see, the trial was a success. The patient is awake; welcome back, Mr. Murray.

Board Member: [in awe] This is...the medical community must know right away. But what of the cure, Miraculous?

Doctor 2: Completely absorbed by the patient. Results like these, Mr. Chairman, often come at great cost.

In-Game Player Lines

It seems darker than it was before.

This is not the way.

This doesn’t feel right.

I think I’m strong enough now. I’m not strong enough yet. I can pass through now. I wonder how I can make it through… How can I make my way through?

I can’t stop now.

There are too many of them.

I feel myself fading…

The corruption seems stronger here. I know what I must do now… I was synthesized for this reason… It’s done… I don’t have much time.

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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