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2015 DigiPen Student Game Awards Results

I had the pleasure of working with several game teams this year, and the following is a list of awards that four of these games received during the 2015 DigiPen Student Game Awards ceremony. The DigiPen student body voted on the winners of these awards.

I am honored to have worked with these talented people, and each and every person put their heart into these games.

You may watch the section of the awards ceremy during which I give a brief speech to accept the team's award for Best Characters here.


(Staff Writer, Narrative Team, Voice Actor)

2nd place - Claude Comair Game of the Year

1st place - Best Spoken Dialogue

1st place - Best Characters

2nd place - Best Senior Game

2nd place - Best Music

2nd place - Best Sound Design

3rd place - Best 3D Visual Design

M.J. Quigley Award for Most Contributions to DigiPen Games - Justin Jacox (audio lead on Relic and a very talented longtime collaborator)


(Narrative Designer, Script Writer, Voice Actor)

2nd place - Best Poetic Experience

3rd place - Best Sophomore Game

3rd place - Best 2D Visual Design

TEAM AURORA - ÆON (Vocalist)

2nd place - Best Junior Game

2nd place - Best Characters

2nd place - Best Spoken Dialogue

2nd place - Best 3D Visual Design

Wingman Award (most 2nd place wins without a 1st place win)


(Voice Actor)

3rd place - Best Poetic Experience

To view the full awards ceremony:

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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