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The Spot: Catalyst of Change

On my last day of vacation, I find myself experiencing extreme anxiety about returning to my routine - making up for my absence at a stressful job, working with an indie start-up, getting back into exercising, apartment hunting, social media management, writing targeted blog entries.

But as I sat down to tackle some work just now, I realized that I'm sitting in the very chair where I wrote my GDC narrative analysis and my Conference Associate application essay just 5-ish months ago. The successful outcome of those essays completely changed my life, setting into motion a series of events that has led (and continues to lead) me to extraordinary people and opportunities. This chair at this table is my Spot - the literal place where I produced work that changed my life and the figurative place where I decided that my dreams were worth fighting for.

I suppose the point of this post is to say that I hope you all find your Spot. A place that has a sort of tingly magic to inspire you whenever you sit there. A place where you realize the endless extent of your power and courage. Where you can look in awe at the overwhelming number of things and events and people you had to encounter in life before you were ready to sit there.

Good luck. I know you'll find it.

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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