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Pre-writing & Bookkeeping Binge Tea Thoughts

Whenever I drink this particular brand of tea, I of course notice the positive advice on the tea tassel.

Today's advice: Let your manners speak for you.

It immediately made me recall that I haven't been thinking the kindest thoughts lately about someone I especially dislike. Those who know me are aware that it takes quite the deplorable behavior indeed to get on my short list of disliking. I don't think of them often - they have literally zero effect on my life - but all the same, painful memories are what they are. However, that doesn't excuse the angry, rude things that I've been thinking, and it's frankly unbecoming.

Calling out your own behavior is a war that maybe can never be truly won, but a girl's gotta try. It only hurts yourself and doesn't enable the "justice" you seek. The best justice you can achieve is from being kind, polite, and moving on to a truly awesome, fulfilling, and productive life.

So yes, dear tea, I *will* let my [good] manners [and work ethic] speak for me.

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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