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Fall Semester Stag Samba

I clumsily named this musing after the 17th episode of Cowboy Bebop because alliteration. But it has been an incredible first week back at DigiPen so far. I'll likely receive internship credit for my Microsoft job, I'm over the moon to be working as a TA for Jeremy Holcomb (GAT212), Sonia Michaels (ENG110 & ENG230), and Ben Ellinger (GAT120), and there are no words for my excitement about my narrative design-centric independent study with the talented Ellen Beeman.

I wasn't sure about returning to DigiPen, but I could not possibly be happier with everything that is afoot. So many people around me are full of energy and ideas that are already serving as personal inspiration and motivation. So many dream projects and exciting proposals are on the horizon. I even have the privilege of collaborating with the exceptional and innovative IGDA Serious Games SIG Chair Matthew Lee (and other very talented folks in the SIG) on socially-conscious proposals and projects.

Tonight I met with Lady Eliza for one of our weekly/bimonthly Inspiration Sessions. We vent our frustrations, share our successes, and give each other energy without even trying. This time, I brought my Day Creation, a new tool I picked up from my manager at MS.

Highlighter = stuff you choose to do every day.

Pen = tasks you have to do to be the best person (a "brav" person) you can be that day.

PM me if you want help with creating your own.

Then, Eliza shared a helpful book filled with hundreds of writing prompts and her tarot cards (she drew the Stag when I asked the powers that be if my upcoming year would be successful - see description in photo).

Best year to date ahead? Make it so :)

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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