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Team Irradiance - Emotiv Neuro-headset Now in Engine!

For my primary game team project this year, I will be working once again with the talented folks on Team Irradiance as well as my absolute favorite collaborator, sound designer Justin Jacox.

In the playful video below, you may view my producer, Aji Suprana, testing out the movement capabilities of the Emotiv neuro-headset in the team's custom game engine. This is significant in that Aji and the rest of the programming team have worked diligently to integrate the headset's functionality into a game engine that they built from scratch. This is an incredible technological feat and has never been done before by a team at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

The headset detects movement and can be programmed to read a player's brainwaves in order to pick up objects, turn objects invisible, navigate menus, and more.

To stay up to date on the game's progress, please follow our Twitter: @teamirradiance

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