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My First Podcast: The Force Awakens, Undertale, and Cider with Cheat Codes

Note: this podcast is decidedly not PG. There is a fair bit of swearing, but everything we said was in good fun. Cheat Codes' podcasts are intended to be candid discussions about video games and pop culture, and we covered some interesting topics in this episode (as the Cheat Codes guys always do).

Another marvelous staple of this podcast is that everyone is invited to partake in an alcoholic beverage during the show. It felt like a cider kind of night.

Last night, I sat down with Joe Erskine, Joe Arroyo, and Nikk Golesh to talk about the following:

  • speculation about Nintendo's mysterious NX hardware

  • upward tears of a Napstablook and why everyone hates Jerry in Undertale

  • League of Legends' blunt survey that's apparently intended to discourage toxic behavior (and gather data about sociopaths? Maybe?)

Lightning Round questions (everyone had 1 minute to unleash their unfiltered thoughts on each topic)

You can listen to the podcast here - Episode 68: FascistWindPasser5. After you listen, I promise that the name will, unfortunately, make perfect sense.

​Thanks to Chris Morris for the fun opportunity!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2015

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