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Original Song: A Life That's Good

After spending an exciting week with my energetic and talented fellow Conference Associates at GDC 2016, I felt inspired enough to try my hand at penning a song. I had never done so before, but I've been enjoying the revision process and I look forward to filling out the tune with guitar from my talented brother Christopher Lucas and harmony vocals from Aviva Schecterson.

You may listen to an unpolished recording here:



I made all my money in old Kansas City

Down on my knees, like a good girl should,

I tempted my fortune, looking too pretty,

That was the night when I learned life is good.

Oh hell yeah

Greasewood Flat, a source of my inspiration (RIP)

The sky was aflame with the beacons of change

Oh hell yeah

You can escape but your heart feels the same

If you keep on running, you'll never be free

To live a life that's good

Met a road-weary man and his old lady that night

They lived half their days on the back of a bike

I asked, "On your travels, what is it you've learned?" They said, "Well now, daughter, love's got to be earned."

Oh hell yeah

Dare to look in their eyes, see your beauty inside

Oh hell yeah

Smile each day passing by, like we're not doomed to die

It's a heart full of patience and kindness, it seems,

That makes a life that's good

Red fiddles spun stories of whiskey and lies

The air too damn heavy with drunk fireflies

A boy kissed me sideways and taught me to dance

He said, "Now you, darlin', just give love a chance."

Oh hell yeah

He swore to the stars to the strains of guitars

Oh hell yeah

I cried to the skies with his hands on my thighs

Love is a long-lasting wisp of a thing

Keep it safe

Keep it strong

From the winds headlong

Such is the joy on our voices we bring:

Just live a life that's good.

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