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Original Song: Drowning

Here's a song I wrote about the perils of waiting around for a bad situation to get better.


Underwater photography


Not sure what it is you expect of me

I never learned how to do lonely

The longer that you’re forcin’ me to wait

The more plentiful the mistakes I make


Kiss kiss, pat pat

You promise this, you promise that

Hands off’a me, let me steer

Tied to you, I’m drownin’, dear

Kiss kiss, sigh sigh

How’d the water get so high?

I'm cuttin' ties, free and clear,

So I can stop my drownin’ here…

You compliment my hair and how my lashes frame my eyes

You say “She can’t compare” but now I know you’re spinnin’ lies

Your words, light as air but impossible to breathe

Tell me why exactly you’re deservin’ a reprieve?


When I dare to look behind, I see a shadow in my wake

Only so much disappointment that a girl like me can take

I admit my sins are many, and for those I can atone

Just one head underwater now, belongs to you alone


Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2016

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