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Original Song: Wall of Roses (Inspired by Thornwatch)

In celebration of Lone Shark Games' latest game, Thornwatch, I wrote the following song with Aviva Schecterson. We took to the woods and river for some inspiration, where we constructed a Southern gothic duet reflective of the struggle between the brave forest folk and the Judge (game master). I sang and wrote the forest folks parts, while Aviva sang and wrote the Judge parts.



I crossed through the valley, where two rivers meet

My blood and my arrows, I lay them at your feet

Daybreak may find me fallen in defeat

My body's yours for taking but my soul will not retreat


Unison: Souls in, souls out

The Judge: I've got debts to pay, you see

Forest Folk: I hate to disappoint you, but I humbly disagree

The Judge: A wall of roses sanctifies this tree

Forest Folk: A wall of roses keeps our spirits free


I watch you in the river, listening to the beat

The heart of the forest - that's where we will meet

I am an almighty, the judge of all of you

If you dare cross me, you know what I can do



Gliders howl in sorrow, they know the death you bring

Our voices join together, against the night we sing

You may be ready, full power at midnight,

But I stand tall and steady against he beast I fight



A deafening in your ear, a bite in your arm

This vice it will consume and only cause you harm

So run, run away, and let your spirit breathe

Leave me alone, and let my evil be



Copyright Alexandra Lucas & Aviva Schecterson 2016

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