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Speaker at GDC 2017 - Get Noticed & Get Hired

Edit on 4/14/2017: You can now view our presentation on the GDC Vault! To do so, click the link below!


Original Post from 12/30/2016:

Ever since I first attended in 2012, one of my long-term career goals has been to present a useful and engaging topic at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. This year, my colleague Sonia Michaels and I submitted a number of session proposals, from the importance of targeted map selection to career development-focused sessions, and Get Noticed & Get Hired: Upgrading the Game Industry Resume was approved!

Sonia and I have a passion for helping folks break into the game industry, and we shared our knowledge about brand management, portfolio development, and networking opportunities for Liberal Arts majors in a presentation at PAX Dev 2016. Our GDC 2017 session, however, will include extensive information about resume and cover letter optimization as well as the perspectives of three other speakers. Rachel and Mojan work in career development at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and our colleague David Lau works at Amazon Game Studios as a game designer and lead economist.

GDC 2017 Session Description

We're thrilled to share our 35 combined years of brand and career development knowledge with attendees - hope to see you at GDC 2017!

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2016

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