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Chapter Publication: Analysis of Asari Sexuality for Digital Love: Romance & Sexuality in Video

I'm excited to announce that I have submitted the first draft of my chapter for the book Digital Love: Romance & Sexuality in Video Games (Taylor & Francis). My chapter is entitled "From Smoldering Justicar to Blue-Skinned Space Babe: Asari Sexuality in Mass Effect," and I analyzed the Asari maiden-matron-matriarch paradigm to show how it promotes more comprehensive representation of female sexuality in video games. This is a topic that I could happily expand on for a much larger piece, but it was a pleasure to write and I'm so thankful to the book's editor, Heidi McDonald, for selecting my proposal.

I can't reveal more about the content at this time, but I hope you'll pick up the book once it's published so you can check out my analysis and the work of 15 other talented game industry folks whom I greatly admire.

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2017

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