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Podcast: Cheat Codes #123: Antidilation

I was back in the studio yesterday for my fourth foray with the Cheat Codes Cast! It also happened to be Groundhog Day, so we didn't let that fact go to waste.

I sat down with Cheat Codes creators Joe Erskine, Joe Arroyo, and Nikk Golesh (sad to miss you, Chris Morris!) to talk about the following:

  • Video game easter eggs: EXPOSED

  • Zenimax and Oculus duke it out over NDA violations

  • Human hibernation might become a we want it to become a thing, though?

And then, of course, Lightning Round time!

  • Surprising no one, but disappointing everyone, Paris Hilton was supposed to be a boss in the South Park: Stick of Truth. We talk about other SP bosses we would love to see.

  • Murder mystery comes to your favorite home assistant

You can listen to the podcast here - Episode 123: Antidilation.

Hope you enjoy!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2017

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