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Merit Winner: "Leftover" in Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest

Gah looks like my poem, "Leftover," is a Merit Winner of the 2020 Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest! 🎉

Sue C. Boynton Walk Winner Placard

Each year, two respected Whatcom poets select 10 Walk Winners and 15 Merit Winners. Walk Winners have their poems showcased outside the Bellingham Library for a year, and all of the winners get their poems displayed inside WTA buses alongside corresponding illustrated placards + published in a chapbook. Fingers crossed, we'll all be able to read our poems at a public awards ceremony in October as well.

I do not *at all* consider myself a poet, so I'm ecstatic to be among the Merit Winners this year -- many thanks to the contest organizers, and looking forward to seeing all of the lovely art and reading all of the winning poems soon!

You can view the poem and corresponding poster here on the Sue C. Boynton website!


Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2020

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