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2022 The Dark Sire Creative Awards: Two Finalists for Short Fiction!

Folks who know me know that I love writing dark, strange, spooky stories. That's why I went out on a decaying limb and decided to submit some of my stories for consideration for the Dark Sire Creative Awards...and, to my surprise, two of my short fiction pieces made it to the finalist lists for 2022!

In the Psychological Realism category, my short story, "In the Deep," is among the finalists. It was originally published in HamLit: Alter Ego (April 2021). This story follows a chance encounter around the time of a college reunion as well as the what-ifs on a path not taken.

In the Gothic category, my short story, "The Lighthouse Remains," is among the finalists. It was originally published in Coffin Bell Journal: Mythopoeia, Vol. 3, Issue 4 (Nov. 2020). This story follows a lonely lighthouse keeper who finds one last opportunity to be useful.

You can view all of the finalists below -- congrats to all and good luck! See ya on February 20 for the big reveal!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2022


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