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Short Story Publication: "Cherry" in Whatcom WRITES: Reconciliation

Writing to a theme is such a big help for me. There's something about having at least one parameter around a piece that helps guide my brain down interesting spooky corridors.

The short story I wrote for this anthology, "Cherry," was no exception. With the concept of "reconciliation" in mind, I opted to give a bad past experience the dark fairy

tale treatment, enabling the heroine to reach the end we all share, but in her way. Writing "Cherry" helped me shed a faded, flaking snakeskin that I hadn't even realized I was still clinging on to. Now that it has fallen through my claws, I'm free.

Below, you can also watch the group reading of the anthology. I've linked the video starting at my section, but there are lots of great stories to listen to throughout the recording.

Whatcom WRITES holds a writing competition every year in Whatcom County, themed around the featured book in Whatcom READS that year. The 2021 anthology is called Reconciliation, and you can pick up a copy from Village Books now!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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