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Short Story Publication: "Harmony" in HamLit: Golden Age

Delighted to share that my short story about a fisherwoman's odd catch, "Harmony," is now available to read in HamLit's 2021 Fall issue: Golden Age!

When I saw that HamLit had a new prompt for a new issue, I started brainstorming what "golden age" meant to me. After pondering for a while and working through some word association, I settled on the concept of "revelation."

In "Harmony," a solitary fisherwoman goes about her life in a cursed cove. A great storm brings strange new happenings, including an unexpected bounty from the sea and a new skill. As with all things, the fisherwoman approaches the oddities in her midst with an open heart, revealing just how much one can learn if one is willing to listen.

Many thanks to my friend Adam R. for helping me get this piece to its final version.

Thanks in advance for reading "Harmony" in HamLit's 2021 Fall issue: Golden Age!


Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2021


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