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Character Design: Marvin Attleboro, Loyal Space Clown


Trickster; Ally

Character Overview:

MARVIN is a seasoned Martian clown (NPC) who has performed in Sappho’s Intergalactic Wild West Exhibition for over 30 years. He left home and joined the show at a young age, learning early on that he had a talent for making people laugh. Despite the fact that most other members of the show treated him poorly and did not consider him a “real” performer, Marvin was shown kindness by one person in constant contact with the show: ATHENA LITHEGOOD’s wife, Rhaeda. Please see the previous blog Character Design entry for more information about ATHENA LITHEGOOD.

Name of Character:

Marvin Attleboro

Personality Traits:






Genre: puzzler, RPG


-Due to his impeccable social networking skills, Marvin introduces the player to people who can provide helpful information and assistance

-Can join the player’s party and fight alongside the player

-Bard buffs that provide extra energy for self, player, and other party members

-Dialog exchanges with the player: if the player gets along with Marvin, the player earns certain bonuses to Athena’s stats/abilities

-Can step in for player in difficult conversations

-Buffs that provide protection from extreme heat for player, and other party members (limited elemental magic); diametrically opposed to ATHENA’s protection from extreme cold

-Especially effective in misdirection/confusing opponents so that they are easier for the player and other party members to attack

-Has the unique tracking skill: can detect nearby enemies within a certain distance (increases with level up)


-Armed with his intergalactic phone, Marvin has connections across the galaxy. Because of this, he can find them a ride just about any time to just about anywhere.

-Suspenders and red noses provide bonuses for his stats, including misdirection, charisma, saavy, heat-related abilities.

Inspiration for Marvin Attleboro



Species: Martian (humanoid); born in Phobos City, NE Borealis Basin, on Mars

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

-His features are generally exaggerated

-Neon orange hair


-Large nose

-Large, dark brown eyes

-Large ears


-Wide, sincere smile


-Waddles to and fro, almost as if he is a rolling ball

-is unaffected by warm temperatures, as his home planet of Mars is very hot

-is very vulnerable in cold temperatures, as he is not accustomed to them


-small purple tattoo on her left shoulder blade of her deceased wife’s name

-suspenders and red noses that the player can find throughout the game provide different bonuses (see Tools & Weapons section above)

Original Environment:

In order to perform in the exhibition, Marvin regularly travels from planet to planet, never calling one place home. He does not maintain any contact with his family, who all still live on Mars.

Situational Environment:

Although Marvin does not want to help the intergalactic government capture Athena, Marvin does want to help Athena get justice for Rhaeda’s murder (for full backstory, see Character Creation #2). Upon hearing that the player is an apprentice for the government in search of the stolen historical records, Marvin seeks out the player to provide his help to avenge Rhaeda’s death.


Marvin currently works as a clown for Sappho’s Intergalactic Wild West Exhibition, performing comedy acts for attendees.


Marvin ran away from an abusive home on Mars to join the Exhibition at the age of 15. He started as a janitor, but his talent for comedy was quickly ascertained by the ring leader through the comedy routines that Marvin performed to entertain himself whenever he was cleaning alone. Although most of the members of the Exhibition do not respect Marvin, he was treated especially kindly by Athena’s wife, Rhaeda. Her death hit Marvin especially hard, and although Athena has not always been nice to him, Marvin feels compelled to help find justice for Rhaeda.

Emotional Arc:

His main motivation remains consistent: he wants to help find justice for Rhaeda. However, he begins the game with some hostility aimed towards Athena for “letting” Rhaeda die. As soon as he (and the player) learn that the government is behind Rhaeda’s death, Marvin patches things up with Athena to unite to avenge Rhaeda’s death.


Speech Patterns, Accents, Dialect:

-Pronounced stutter that he has had since childhood

-Drops the stutter whenever he talks about anything that is especially important to him, suggesting that he may be able to overcome the stutter if he took his life more seriously

Sample Dialog:

1) Player: What are you doing here?

Now is th-that any way t-to talk to the g-guy who’s gonna g-get you outta h-here?

2) How do I (whatever the quest is for the player in your world)?

The s-same way w-we do anything out h-here: take one st-step forward and t-try not t-to look wh-where you step.

3) I've heard about you, that you don't like strangers.

Th-that’s crazy talk! A st-stranger’s j-just a c-connection I haven’t m-made yet!

4) I really hate this place.

W-we just g-got here; g-give it a s-second for th-the full effect of th-the swamp g-gas to h-hit you. Th-then you’ll r-really love it h-here.

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