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RELIC / Team Synaptic Sugar

February 2015 Beta Presentation

Roles: Narrative Designer, Writer, Voice Actress

Relic is a 3D action-adventure game in which the player is on a mission to recover prized ancient artifacts, discovering her people's history and herself along the way.

On Team Synaptic Sugar, I am part of the Narrative Design team, led by Robert Gervais. I write dialogue, craft descriptions of in-game collectibles specific to 2 species, and work with game designers on placement of collectibles and communicating game progress.

We meet 3 times each week:

  • Tuesdays: Game Designer Sync

  • Narrative Team collaborates with level and systems designers to interweave the narrative with gameplay

  • Wednesdays: Writer's Table

  • Leads from each discipline meet with the Narrative Team to check in with needs, blocks, and progress

  • Robert and I determine tasks, deliverables, and action dates

  • Saturdays: Narrative Team meeting

  • Narrative Team meets to check in on work progress

  • Writing/work session

Additionally, I provide the voice of the player and main character, Sam Ward. I have recorded over 100 lines of dialogue, working closely with the Audio Team to ensure that my acting communicates their vision.

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