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DigiPen Student Showcase Trailer - MIRACULOUS / Team Irradiance

Please take a look at the official DigiPen Student Showcase trailer for Miraculous, a 2D exploration game in which the player is a miracle cure that must navigate the inside of a dying human body in order to eradicate illness.

For this game, I developed the narrative: two doctors believe they have created a cure that will revive the patient, and the game is a demonstration to a hospital's board to prove that the cure is effective. I wrote the dialogue that is featured at the start of the game (featured in the video above), and I provide the voice of one of the doctors. As part of the narrative development process, I collaborated with Justin Jacox, the game's sound designer, in a periodic Writers' Room.

I look forward to continuing to work on the game this summer, writing dialogue for the cure itself and collaborating further with the designers and audio team. Please view the game's website here.

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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