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Narrative Design Panelist & 3 Games Featured at Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festiv

This past weekend, the following three games on which I worked were featured at the event: Relic, Miraculous, and Lightmare. In addition, I was a panelist on a game design panel at the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, called, "So You Want to be a Game Designer?"

Here are some clips of my contribution to the panel:

  • why I decided to pursue game design: here

  • the influence of narrative in games & practical applications of AR and VR: here

  • ideas about how to use games to reignite audience interest in independent films: here

  • thoughts on my experience working with Oculus Rift to make the student game OcuBlocks: here

While others on the panel specialized in programming, traditional game design, and production, I brought knowledge about and experience with narrative design to the group. Everyone on the panel was a student at DigiPen, save for Rusty McLellan on the far right, who works on the Hololens team at Microsoft. Rusty and I have both worked with VR devices, and virtual/augmented reality is a hot topic in games at present, so it was no surprise that the conversation eventually turned to how filmmakers can best utilize new VR/AR technology to reach new audiences.

One suggestion I made was to look to creative efforts like the opera that was made about the life of Anna Nicole Smith and the fantastic performance group Video Games Live! for inspiration on how rejuvenate independent films with games. I'd love to see movie theaters screening video game cut scenes (or interactive novels à la Telltale Games and Quantic Dream) during which attendees could vote on one player's dialog choices.

I could also see movie theaters screening League of Legends tournaments, Twitch streams, and live Let's Plays. This is already done at PAX and other industry events, so it would be really fun to see it happen more often and may even broaden the audience for such events.

Copyright Alexandra Lucas 2015

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