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Speaker at GDC 2018: Two Additional Presentations

In addition to delivering a solo talk at the GDC Game Narrative Summit this year (Beyond the Blue-Skinned Space Babe), I will also be taking part in the Q&A for New Writers panel (Game Narrative Summit) and the Advocacy Microtalks: 20 Slides for Taking Action (Main Conference, Advocacy track).

A quick highlight of the three talks I will be giving at GDC 2018

The Q&A for New Writers panel will also feature game writers Mike Laidlaw, Heidi McDonald, Evan Skolnick, and Richard Rouse III, and it will be moderated by Toiya K. Finley. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to provide my advice alongside such talented and experienced folks, and I look forward to fielding questions about breaking into game writing from a newcomer's perspective.

The Advocacy Microtalks will be a series of five-minute mini lectures given by six folks who are passionate about different advocacy topics: Anna Jenelius, Tara Mustapha, Malena Klaus, Jill Murray, Naomi Clark, and myself. Mitu Khandaker will act as moderator. I can't wait to hear what my fellow speakers have to say, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on combatting toxic masculinity through games.

Recordings of these talks will eventually be on the GDC Vault here, and the Advocacy Microtalks will be free for anyone to view. I hope you find them useful!

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2018

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