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Speaker at PAX Dev 2018: How Disney Emoji Blitz Helped Me Combat Anxiety

Exciting news to share on the professional front: The talk that Boyan Radakovich and I proposed for PAX Dev 2018 got accepted!

What: How Disney Emoji Blitz Helped Me Combat Anxiety

When: Tuesday, August 28 @1:15pm

Where: Fifth Avenue Room

Summary: A 2018 study led by Ohio State University College of Pharmacy researchers found a significant improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms among those who played a mobile game that teaches skills to combat depression and anxiety. This presentation combines Radakovich’s neuroscience and game design expertise with Lucas’ lived experience and narrative design expertise to identify ways that mobile games can aid mental health treatment, using Disney Emoji Blitz as a case study.


If you’re attending PAX Dev and want to learn more about designing games to help folks manage their mental health, we hope you’ll join us!

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