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New Interactive Novel for Live Stories: Remember Me

I'm excited to share that I'm designing and writing multiple interactive novels for Live Stories! In addition to crafting unique worlds for this work, I also focus particularly on inclusivity and social commentary. Chapter 1 of Remember Me is now available for iOS on the App Store here!

Adventure Awaits on the Cloud Isles!

The extended summary is below:

Years of training and determination have led Sylvie to the Rite of Elegy. Soon, she will take her place in the Elegium among the Keepers, honorable protectors of the most important memories in the Cloud Isles. Will she gather memories related to love, compassion, humility, peace, or truth? The Rite will decide. But things in the Cloud Isles are not what they seem. The Imperial family has reigned for 300 years, and no memories exist prior to their ascendancy. In addition, Empress Sephira has banished nearly all members of the lowest castes — Merchants, Farmers, Vagabonds, and The Veiled — to the outer isles, which also prevents the Keepers from collecting the lowest castes’ memories. This historical inequity has contributed to growing unrest in the Cirrus Citadel, which Master Keeper Sybil wishes to quell by expanding memory gathering to the outer isles. Those in power — the Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Elites — sternly disagree. Tragedy strikes, sending the Citadel into chaos and causing the Keepers and their memory segments to vanish from the Elegium. With the help of her pegasus Illyria, her assistant Kyu, and her magic looking glass, Sylvie must recover the lost memory segments and Keepers from the outer isles, unearth the Imperial family’s secrets, and settle unrest in the Citadel. From the mystical Isle of Ojo to the haunted Gossamer Hollow, the sky's the limit for adventure, mystery, and, just maybe, a dash of romance!


Keep an eye out for additional chapters (and additional stories!) coming soon.

Copyright Alexandra M. Lucas 2018

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